How To Play CarX Drift Racing Online – Uncovering the Main Features

If you’re looking to play a fun and unique racing game, then you should try playing CarX Drift Racing. Published by CarX Technologies, this is an unusual racing game where you don’t only get to drive and race fast and powerful sports cars; you also get to do some drifting. For those people who love to run to the finish line, getting this match on a PC is a must! Because the CarX Drift Racing Game is a place where getting to the finish line is not enough.

You also need to finish it in style, which means earning enough drifting points to complete a race. You might think drifting is easy in this game, but it’s since it will use the real mechanics that makes cars drift, which means you get to learn how to drift with CarX Drift Racing. But what makes this game fun and exciting to play? What else can you expect when you play this game? Let’s take a look at the main features of CarX Drift Racing.


Carx Drift Racing Blue Car


A Real Drifting Simulator Game

One of the best features of CarX Drift Racing is that it uses some real mechanic techniques for some car drifts. Plus, it is not also the typical racing game where you press a button while turning to make a car drift. In this game, there will be a separate handbrake that you can use to make drifting easier instead of just relying on the brakes.

You will learn how drifting works in this game. It’s a game that is designed for people who like to drive fast cars and drift. You will likely spend hours playing this game practicing drifting, and even doing a bit of donut exhibition. What’s great is that the game can adequately reproduce the effects of drifting. So, you will see the smoke that the wheels would generate whenever they drift or do a donut exhibition.

The great thing about all of this is that you get to do some drifting while driving fast and powerful sports cars. But you can also do some drifting on other types of vehicles like vans and pick-up trucks. It’s a great game that will let you learn all about drifting.

A Realistic Game

The drifting animation is not the only thing that is realistic about CarX Drift Racing. Another prominent feature of this game is its realistic graphics. The drifting animation is excellent as you can see the smoke coming from the vehicle’s tires whenever you do drift or other exhibitions. But aside from that, you will also be amazed at the overall graphics that the game has.


Carx Drift Racing Unstoppable Pattern


You can see the details of the vehicles that you are driving, making you feel like you are watching a TV show instead of playing a video game. The racetrack also has impeccable detail, allowing you to enjoy the experience of playing this game. But to make the game more realistic, the graphics are not the only thing that has to look real, the game’s sounds should also deliver a realistic experience. And Car X Drift Racing has done just that. The sound of the engines is accurate, and it feels like you are driving that specific vehicle.

Different Game Modes To Play

The last, but not the least main feature of CarX Drift Racing is that it offers various game modes for you to play. There’s a career mode where you can rise the ranks and become a drift king in the game. This mode is where you get to unlock the different sports cars, as well as different race tracks to race on.

You can also play the World Time Attack Championship where you try to compete with other people and try to beat world records. Winning in this game mode will have huge implications since it will show that you are one of the best drift racers in the game.

These are the main features that CarX Drift Racing offers and you can see why it is such an awesome and fantastic game to play — excited to try it on your PC now? We’ve got some simple steps for you to do below to start your exciting journey.


CarX Drift Racing Game Pedals


How to Download CarX Drift Racing On PC

Now that you know how everything works and the main game features of the game, the next thing for you to do is to play and download CarX Drift Racing on your PC. Well, playing it on a PC does not give you better control, but it also has a bigger and better monitor to enjoy the game in. To play the game on PC, check out the guide below.

  1. To start, you should click the “Play Now” button found on this website to start downloading the installer.
  2. Once the download is done, click the installer to start installing the software on your computer. Click Yes to make changes and agree to the Terms of Use. After that, you only have to wait for several minutes for you to get done.
  3. Next, the software is installed on your PC, it will automatically install CarX Drift Racing on your computer. A shortcut of the game will also be installed on your desktop.
  4. Once done, you can start playing the game whenever you want.

See? All these steps and methods are easy to do and accomplish. What are you waiting for now? Download and play CarX Drift Racing with your friends online now!