5 Best Cars in CarX Drift Racing Every Player Must Not Miss Driving

Admit it, whenever you see someone drifting cars, you tend to feel an exceptional excitement. Maybe you are excited about the drivers’ techniques, or you wish to try it racing the tracks yourself. If you are someone who wants to experience the thrill and excitement, no need to dream about it as you can do it right on your PC with CarX Drift Racing.

If you are looking for a straightforward drifting game, then CarX Drift Racing is what you need. The controls are tremendously easy, and with a little bit of training, you will become a professional drifter. Moreover, CarX Drift Racing has many customization options, such as a wide range of cars and parameters ready for tuning according to your drift style and speed. The said customizations are alike with the actual enhancements used in regular cars.

As we talk about the broad range of cars and their customizations, choosing the best drift car in CarX Drift Racing is definitely a challenging task. But, we are here to help you! We compiled the five best cars in CarX you may consider working with. Especially if you have a goal of winning the game or a technique you wish to demonstrate.

5 Best Cars in CarX Drift Racing

Here’s the list of best drift cars in CarX Drift Racing worth checking out.

5. Solar

Landing first on our list is the Solar Car. If you are an extreme fanatic of the famous car drifting movie Fast & Furious, you will surely feel nostalgic and not think of second thoughts using the Solar.

This fantastic car was recently unveiled in the updated patch and is renowned for being one of the best drifters obtainable. Though Solar is not remarkably fast compared to others, this car can awesomely demonstrate great drifts. With this car, you will experience a combination of style and substance, making it worth using.

Solar is a rear-wheel-drive car and accessible in Class 2. This car deserves this spot as it can create 360 spins out on the race track and is easy to control through its high grip and low power. This incredible car is customizable, and you can choose vibrant colors and OTT body kits and rims.


4. Thunderstrike

Entering the list of best cars in CarX Drift Racing is the Thunderstrike. When it comes to car drifting games like CarX, you seldomly or not even notice the muscle cars. But, there will always be an exception to the rule, and the Thunderstrike applies to it.

Though the Thunderstrike doesn’t have very receptive steering, you will be surprised with the incredible control with its handling capacity. With that said, you can achieve distinct drifting angles you can’t do with other cars. Aside from its extraordinary appearance, Thunderstrike deserves a spot to be the best car in CarX for its rasping powerful engine noise. The said car was created last 1960s by Ford Thunderbird, and as the Solar, is a Class 2 car.

Like Solar, you can attain 360 spins using Thunderstrike. However, you need to be extra careful as it gives you a wider turning circle. In using this car, you need to be gentle when utilizing the throttle, or else you will place it in the walls on the outer part of the track.

Best Cars in CarX Drift Racing Thunderstrike


3. Horizon GT4

Catching the third spot of the best cars in CarX Drift Racing is the Horizon GT4. It is a Class 3 car and is noted to be the smoothest car to drift in the track corners of CarX. When it comes to drifting, smoothness is the cue, and Horizon GT4 is the key. With its consistent and outstanding handling, you can ideally create a perfect radius around the corners.

When talking about power delivery, you can always count on GT4. With this extraordinary car, you can continuously drift even when other cars have already lapsed in steam. If you are a beginner and looking for the best car to practice on, this car is definitely the best choice for you.


2. Burner JDM

Joining the group of the best cars in Carx is the Burner JDM. Though the car is not remarkably good on the previous updates, Burner JDM literally burns the drifting track for its realistic and impressive driving performance now.

Even though Burner JDM does not seem to be a good drifter car, you can still customize this by modifying the mods. Plus, you can still count on its vast power coming from its immense size. With its enormous power, you can round corners swiftly, unlike the other cars in CarX. Feasibly, the JDM is the best all-around car in CarX, and it can do everything well.

Best Drift Car in CarX Drift Racing Burner JDM


1. Corona

Corona leads the list of best drift cars in the CarX Drift Racing. It is renowned as the retrogression version of Burner JDM. Though this car depicts old-fashioned mechanical abilities, the handling is incomparable, the power is immense, and its appearance and sounds are pleasing.

Corona is a Class 3 car, and when it comes to drifting, you can always count on this car. This car can turn around on a half shilling, making you get multipliers that are easy to connect. If you want to experience CarX Drift Racing’s immense drifting prowess, you must not miss out on using the Corona.

Best Cars in CarX Corona

Is your favorite car in CarX Drift Racing mentioned in this list? Well, if you want to achieve the best drifting playstyle in CarX Drift Racing, you better manage to use the best cars that offer exceptional drifting capabilities. For more updates and info about CarX Drift Racing, stay tuned here.