CarX Drift Racing – All You Need to Know About Patch 2.9.0

If you want a good drift racing game, look no further than CarX Drift Racing. It has all the great features of a good drifter: authentic controls made for the touchscreen, loads of customization options, solo and multiplayer battles, and tons of cars. What’s more, CarX Drift Racing is also free to download and play on PC.

In the game’s newest patch, version 2.9.0, expect a massive update that features six additional cars and a dozen new body kits. Read on to know more information about the latest patch.

New Cars, New Kits, New Everything

As a Christmas treat from the developers, they are giving away not just three, but six new cars in the game. All of these cars are purchasable for free if you have the bucks for them. Moreover, this drifting game will also have four new sets of body kits, which are also free to purchase. CarX will also receive some major overhaul, primarily in the graphics department, and some small tweaks for the driving controls.


CarX Drift Racing Solar


Latest Car Roster in CarX Drift Racing

As previously said, new cars are coming out in Patch 2.9.0, namely the Solar, Black Fox, Inferno, HotRod, Vanguard, and the Nomad GT. These are all free to purchase as long as you possess the game. Besides that, the long-time Burner JDM is also reworked, including a massive new look in its details along with better performance for driving it.

The Solar is an ode to the classic Mitsubishi Eclipse, complete with almost the same car engine and real-life performance.

On the other hand, the Black Fox has a nice 80s design that many would pick if you want to have a throwback in a game full of modern cars. It is said to have one of the smoothest rides in the game.

The Inferno has 1000 horsepower, making it a beastly car compared to many other drifting cars. It is quite a beefy car to use for driving with insane torque and great angles, which is a good car for driving over reverse angles. It may be heavy, but it does so much power. Furthermore, expect to spend a lot of time customizing the body of this retro car.

The HotRod has a more unique design—an old-school look and feel that antique collectors will agree is one of the best car designs ever made. Moreover, it has a whopping 1496 hp, which is going to be a must-have for ranked games. Not only is it a fast car, but it has great 6th gear drifting on corners. Even at 4th gear, it does amazing powerslides.

Meanwhile, the Vanguard is a 4-door with decent hp that also feels quite heavy. It is based on the Audi SUV and has a similar overall speed as the real-life version.

And then we have the Nomad GT, a car based on the Toyota Supra. It will be a dream car to modify as it has an amazing set of custom options. In addition, expect insane power with this bad girl as it comes with great handles and has a tight 6th gear shift. Furthermore, it’s a trick car, making it easy to do 360-degree turns.

Finally, there is the old favorite: the Burner JDM. This car is heavily based on the 2000 Nissan Skyline. It looks much better than before and looks longer than the original. Moreover, it is an angle monster that is easy to drive, making it a great beginner car for the noobs of the game.


CarX Drift Racing Body Kits


New Body Kits

Cars like the Paradise Z and the Shadow X are going to receive a new set of body kits. The latest vehicles will also make you reminisce about The Fast & The Furious with its almost unlimited choices of custom body kits.

The new improvements of the liveries include free-angle placements, size adjustments, and the allowance of chrome colors. Now you have more reasons to put in liveries for your precious ride.

There are so many body kits right now that you would hardly recognize the original form of the cars. The Black Fox, for example, has over three sets of body kits. Each of these body kits is greatly shaping up the overall look of the car. It can turn from a regular 80s sedan to a souped-up ride only made for professional drifting. It is that big.

Other updates include better UI, lesser control input lag, and more supported driving wheel controllers.

If you want to experience all these exciting game updates, download and play CarX Drift Racing today! You can also check out our ultimate playing guide for newbies.