CarX Drift Racing Online – Gameplay Tips For Beginners

CarX Drift Racing is a fun and exciting game to play. It’s not like your typical racing game since this game puts more premium on drifting. So, crossing the finish line will not instantly result in completing the level or the racetrack. You also need to earn some drift points to be able to complete a level. This act is more accessible said than done since drifting in this game is not easy.

It’s not like most racing games where they make drifting easier for players to do. CarX Drift Racing is a drifting simulator, where it uses real-life drifting mechanics to drift properly. This fact can be overwhelming for beginners, which is why this article will provide tips to play this game properly.


CarX Combo Drift


Tips To Playing CarX Drift Racing for Beginners

Right after you start downloading the game on your PC and start playing it, look through this guide below. This post will help you determine your way to success in the whole match. Check out more tips below.

Don’t Try To Acquire New Cars To Use Quickly

Yes, it’s great to have new and better cars to use in the game. However, this game is not all about fast and powerful cars. You also need to be able to drift to complete a course correctly. So it’s much better if you spend your in-game resources more on tuning and adjusting your car’s setting to help it drift better.


Carx Drift Racing Formula Car


Use the Handbrakes

Achieving a good drift will be harder to do with just your vehicle’s brakes, especially for beginners. Fortunately, there’s a handbrake available. So, it’s best that you also use it to make drifting easier.

Adjust the Gameplay Settings

When you start playing, the game will also have default settings like steering assist, a default sensitivity, auto brakes, and so on. You must adjust those as well, to help you better play the game. They might help at first, but you will need to eventually have your settings if you want to be good at playing this game.


CarX Drifting Game in Match


Don’t Forget to Practice.

The most important tip you will need to learn when you play CarX Drift Racing is that you should always practice. Don’t be upset when you don’t get this right the first time, as the game is a bit hard to learn unless you do have a background in knowing how to drift. Practising, especially in the single-player mode, will help you become a better player in this racing game. Make sure you do that before trying out for the tournaments or career mode.

These are just some tips that you can follow to help you play this game better. It won’t instantly turn you into a pro, but it will help you achieve that at an easier time. Are you ready to take on the drifting challenge now? Enjoy your car racing journey in CarX Drift Racing Game. Download the game on your PC for free!